PEST CONTROL Due to the occurrence of rodents in the dustbin room, bait for rodent control was placed in this room today as part of rodent control.
BIKE THEFT - 4.3.2021 22:30-22:50 HRS On March 4, 2021, from 10:30 pm to 10:50 pm, 2 mountain bikes were stolen. According to the camera recording, the "thief" walked through the Garages in the 1st floor and the 2nd floor. The theft was reported to the police.
ON 7.3.2021 TO 8.30 AM - REMOVAL OF ALL OBJECTS FROM THE GARAGES AND PARKING OF ALL VEHICLES FROM FI From this date, machine cleaning of fixed garage areas will be performed during the day. Cleaning will not apply to parking stackers, on which parked vehicles can remain. The works are scheduled from 9:00 to 14:00.
AUTOLIFTS OUT OF ORDER Today, on February 13, 2021, the emergency lift service was unable to eliminate the defect in the operation of the car lift. The repair will begin on Monday, February 15, 2021.
DAMAGE TO THE FLOOR IN HALL 1NP We ask the owners to whom the seating furniture was delivered on 5.2.2021 between 20.15-21: 23h to report the contact to the transport company, which caused significant damage to the floor surface in the hall on the 1st floor during handling of the delivered goods. Thank you. Výbor SVJ
FLOOR RENOVATION ON MONDAY 14.12.2020 FROM 9: 00H On Monday, December 14, 2020, from 9:00 am, the renovation of the floors in the common corridors in the house 1 - 8th floor will begin.
14.12.2020 7th floor + 8th floor - not walking 14: 00-15: 00h
15.12.2020 5th floor + 6th floor - not walking 14: 00-15: 00h
16.12.2020 3rd floor + 4th floor - not walking 14: 00-15: 00h
17.12.2020 1st floor + 2nd floor - not walking 14: 00-15: 00h
12/18/2020 - possible completion
Tell the need for immediate access to non-pedestrian areas to the workers present, who will repair the damaged non-dry floor surface.
CAR LIFT OUT OF OPERATION 9.12.2020 8:00 - 14:00 HOURS. On Wednesday, December 9, 2020, from 8:00 to 14:00, the car lift will be out of order. At this time, the defective pulleys of the sliding door of the car lift will be replaced.
READINGS OF CALORIMETERS AND WATER METERS INSIDE THE APARTMENTS !! Readings of calorimeters and water meters of hot and cold water
for apartments with meters located inside the apartment will take place
In the building L`Ocelot - Ocelářská 344/10 On: 9. 12. 2020 from 17.00 to 19.00. Due to the current epidemiological situation, we prefer to post readings on
apartment door on the day of readings. It is necessary to enter the apartment number, the name of the owner of the apartment and a contact phone number, or e-mail, for possible completion of missing information and readings of all water meters and calorimeters in the apartment, including serial numbers of meters. Please enter, for water meters, the value to the nearest m 3, for calorimeters the value in kWh, which appears after one short press of the button near the display. At the same time, the possibility of sending readings by e-mail to the address:, or filling in and sending the "Self-reading form" at the internet address:
in the subject of the message, always state the street, descriptive number and apartment number.
Readings are performed by: Mr. Kopejtko, 777 827 808
In case it will be necessary to visit the reader in your apartment, please expect it with a drape and your own ballpoint pen. Apartments whose users are quarantined or isolated will not be entered by readers. Notice: The inaccessibility of the apartment is according to Act No. 104/2015 Coll. reason for substitute settlement with sanctions.


Date of IncorporationJanuary 6th, 2009
NameSpolečenství vlastníků jednotek pro dům č.p. 344, Praha, Vysočany, Ocelářská ulice
SeatPraha 9, Vysočany, Ocelářská 344/10, PSČ 190 00
ID numberCZ28495420
Legal formCommunity of Owners of Units


Chairman of the BoardVladimír Jelínek605 295 695
Mebmer of the BoardDavid Kraus777 732 843


Bestlift - personal and car lifts724 568 811
PRE (electricity)1236
PRE (electricity) - in case of emergency224 919 473
European Emergency Call112
Police Czech Rep.158
Health Emergency155
Water supplier operational center840 111 112
Gas supplier operational center1239
Central heating supplier - Veolia800 800 860
Technical emergency helpdesk233 373 337
603 290 291
602 290 291


Date of IncorporationJanuary 6th, 2009
NameSpolečenství vlastníků jednotek pro dům č.p. 344, Praha, Vysočany, Ocelářská ulice
SeatOcelářská 344/10, 190 00 Prague 9 - Vysočany, Czech Republic
ID numberCZ28495420
legal formOwners Association